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Published by Chris KM4KTC on November 28, 2016

Building the ultimate Amateur Radio daily driver! (Part 1 The Planning)

This could also be titled. “Why I shouldn’t live near GigaParts” I recently got a new to me Suburban to replace my older Suburban that I had racked up the mileage on. I spend a lot of time behind the wheel, be it daily or on multi state trips or even to a hamfest. I…

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Published by Chris KM4KTC on November 22, 2016

GigaParts has partnered with Hytera!

Before reading this. Please note I wrote this quickly because I am pretty excited. So it may be a little scattered.But you get the gist, hopefully. More to come for sure! Do you have a DMR radio yet? If the answer is no. The question is WHY NOT!?!?! I have recently gained a interest in…

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Published by Chris KM4KTC on March 7, 2016

2.5 Watts and a wire!

Recently I have had the desire to get into HF. I talk to friends and they are always telling me about these far away places they have contacted. Some I have never heard of. The stories of DXpeditions and exotic locations. Also, with my 3D printing business I have been working on a line of…

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Published by Chris KM4KTC on February 23, 2016

What happen to 146.520???

I have been doing a little thinking here lately.(Dangerous I know.) What happen to 146.520? I have been monitoring it for awhile here locally and even thrown out my call a few times….. Nothing…. Don’t get me wrong. I love the repeaters we have here locally and they have amazing coverage, but that’s the thing….

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Published by Chris KM4KTC on August 31, 2015


What is it? Why do I love it? Well I hope to break that down! D-STAR stands for┬áDigital Smart Technologies for Amateur Radio. It’s just that! It was developed by the JARL (Japanese Amateur Radio League) for Amateur Radio. It’s not a commercial standard tweaked for hams. Now lets bust the myth of D-STAR being…

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Published by Chris KM4KTC on August 17, 2015

Huntsville Hamfest

Well my first large hamfest is in the books! It was right here in my backyard. The Huntsville Hamfest. WOW! Lots of big names in the hobby. GigaParts had a stage setup live streaming on, Amateur Logic TV was there, W5KUB was live streaming and so much more! There was a extensive forums line…

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Published by Chris KM4KTC on July 27, 2015

HARC 2m Sprint

At the first HARC meeting I attended there was talk of a local 2m VHF simplex contest. I was hoping that I might could do something like that. I talked to KK4VSN (Mike) and it was set. We were going to give it a shot. A local ham here gave me the scoop on a…

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