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My name is Chris (KM4KTC). I have always had a fascination with radios from a young age. I pulled a old Antron 99 from my Grandfathers back yard and re-worked it and put up a CB when I was 13. I actually lived behind a guy with a tower and a repeater, but never got into Amateur radio. Just didn’t have the guidance. It wasn’t until years later that my friend Mike (kk4vsn) got his license that I thought about it again. I drug my feet. The I started messing around with SDR’s and I was hooked! I decided I was going to do it! I strolled one day on my lunch break to Giga Parts to see when the next test was. Seems I was going to be out of town for that one. BUT WAIT! There was a club that night just 45min south of me that was having a test. Cullman Amateur Radio Club. I just happen to be heading that way. Never cracked a book but I thought I would give it a try! So I did and passed! 05/26/2015 I was issued my Technician license and call sign KM4KTC. I kinda liked it!  7/25/15 at Cullman Hamfest I took my General Test and Passed! On to Extra now!

I also have a passion to MAKE. I love building electronics or creating new things. I am CEO and Co-Founder of Rocket City 3D, LLC I love getting to work on all kinds of projects with people! If it’s coming up with a new product or even making parts for cosplay. I love it! NEVER STOP LEARNING!


Thanks for stopping by!