Published by Chris KM4KTC on July 27, 2015

HARC 2m Sprint

At the first HARC meeting I attended there was talk of a local 2m VHF simplex contest. I was hoping that I might could do something like that. I talked to KK4VSN (Mike) and it was set. We were going to give it a shot. A local ham here gave me the scoop on a old look out tower that we thought that might would give us a good vantage point. So I knew the general area and fount it on Google Earth! So off to it I went to scout it out! It was a bust. Seems it was repurposed to a antenna tower, Hey I thought that was my idea!

Tower View Tower View Distance Tower Bottom


After trying to determine a good location, we decided on a parking garage in downtown Huntsville!  It gave us a good location and I used a Edison Fong DBJ-1 (More to come on this amazing little antenna) and MFJ heavy duty 18ft Tripod. We put up the antenna and Fed the coax into my Icom IC-2730. Our Plan was to work from this fixed location and then pack up and go mobile. The sprint was 3 hours. When we started Mike took the mic and I was logging on my Dell XFR Laptop. We made several good contacts but the started reworking the same people that were in the same zip code (could rework stations if either station moved zip codes). So we packed up. Hooked up the SS-680B Commet Antenna mounted on the Jeep and realized we had never formulated a solid mobile plan. So we hopped on Google Maps and started finding different zipcodes and moving to those areas. Mike logging and me on the mic! We had a blast! Also we had a Aeronautical Mobile Station working the contest! Logged 64 stations that night! Big thanks to WA4DXP (MD) for putting all this together! I will try and get the rules and logs up for people that may be wanting to do this in their area!

2m Sprint Setup


Update 8/1/15

Well after attending the HARC meeting last night, THE RESULTS ARE IN! I walked away with a 1st place in the Med power category! I really hate that Mike(kk4vsn) wasn’t able to be there with me to receive the award. MD Smith(wa4dxp) who hosted the contest had trophies made! I’ll admit. I wasn’t expecting that! Of course the Aeronautical Mobile stole the the show logging 90+ contacts on only 5 Watts! We officially logged 63 in 17 Zip Codes! If you get a chance to do something like this in your area, I highly recommend it!

WA44DXP Presenting award

2 Meter Sprint Rules and Contest Info PDF
2 Meter Sprint Excel Log Auto Calculate (Right click and save link as)
2 Meter Sprint Log Sheet PDF

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