Published by Chris KM4KTC on November 28, 2016

Building the ultimate Amateur Radio daily driver! (Part 1 The Planning)

This could also be titled. “Why I shouldn’t live near GigaParts” I recently got a new to me Suburban to replace my older Suburban that I had racked up the mileage on. I spend a lot of time behind the wheel, be it daily or on multi state trips or even to a hamfest. I…

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Published by Chris KM4KTC on November 22, 2016

GigaParts has partnered with Hytera!

Before reading this. Please note I wrote this quickly because I am pretty excited. So it may be a little scattered.But you get the gist, hopefully. More to come for sure! Do you have a DMR radio yet? If the answer is no. The question is WHY NOT!?!?! I have recently gained a interest in…

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