Published by Chris KM4KTC on February 23, 2016

What happen to 146.520???


I have been doing a little thinking here lately.(Dangerous I know.) What happen to 146.520? I have been monitoring it for awhile here locally and even thrown out my call a few times….. Nothing…. Don’t get me wrong. I love the repeaters we have here locally and they have amazing coverage, but that’s the thing. I may key up and be talking to someone counties away. Just a few weeks ago, I talked to a local ham while he was in Singapore at the Airport. It’s amazing I got to do that but, if I had been out of gas….. He couldn’t help me. With simplex that’s a little different. On VHF most likely (Not in all cases I get it. I don’t need the email telling all the buts.) someone is going to be in pretty close range to you. A like minded lady or man that can maybe help you out. Also, I pass a gentleman on my way to work a lot of mornings who’s truck looks like a land bound AWACS. I’d love to ask him some questions or even see the dash of that thing sometime. If he monitored 146.520 I could give him a shout. I have tried.. No dice. Now I maybe could go through the list of about 20 Repeaters he may or may not be monitoring. But that is going to take awhile. I get he might just like HF and monitor no VHF at all, something tells me this is not the case though. I have been able to make a few contacts on 146.520 though. When I travel I have been known to throw out my call and get a response. Rare but it happens. I was able to get some traffic info in Charlotte one time. I hear it’s jumping when there are big Hamfests around.

I encourage you to turn that dial to 146.520 or at least put it in your scan list. Maybe every once in awhile throw out your call! Who knows, just may be me who comes back.




  1. w6wgf
    March 7, 2016 - 9:10 pm

    Around here in North Texas there’s a group who on .52 most mornings, they are spotty so I know i would barely be able to talk to them. However, its just close enough that there’s no way i’d be able to talk to somebody else on the road even if i wanted to.

    I also used to have the 146.52 sticker on my old car. Got a couple hits off it over the last year and a half.

    Also have had a couple hams over the last year and a half come back to my call on .52 as well.

    I would just keep it up checking it in every once and a while. On your commute home do it like every 10 minutes or something, try some crazy stuff like that.

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